Grouped Products

Grouped products, or products with variants, are a convenient tool to sell a product that has various supplementary items or attribute sets. Various combinations of such a product can be sold as separate products, and the price may vary.

In Concerto Commerce, grouped products look like a single product details page displaying all the possible options. It is a convenient and SEO-friendly tool for selling complex products.

Adding a new grouped product

To create a grouped product, go to Catalog → Products. There are several steps to follow:

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  1. Create several products with a simple product type. These are the variants of the main product. Use the Visible individually checkbox to define whether you want them to be visible separately in catalog and search results or only shown on the product page of the main product.
  2. Create a Grouped (product with variants) product and assign these simple products you created in the previous step in the Associated products (variants) panel:
  • In the public store, a customer sees a separate Add to cart button for each associated product on the grouped product details page.
  • simple product can only be associated with one grouped product.
  • Grouped products are not orderable directly. However, simple products are associated with them. 
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