Product Attributes

Product attributes are variations of a product (such as color, size).

A user can create various combinations of attributes. For example, a product can be in various sizes and colors. Thus, a user would create two attributes and their values, for example, "size" (S, M, L) and "color" (red, blue, white) and then set up groups according to the availability of the products.

In Concerto Commerce, product attributes are used in inventory tracking and can also cause a price difference.

To define product attributes, go to Catalog → Attributes → Product attributes.

Adding product attributes

Click Add new to add an attribute.

In the Add a new product attribute window, fill the Name and Description fields.

Click Save and continue edit to proceed to the Predefined values editing panel.

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Adding predefined values

In the Predefined values panel, click Add a new value, and the Add a new value window will be opened:

In the Add a new value window, define:

  • The attribute Name.
  • The Price adjustment applied when choosing this attribute value. For example, '10' to add 10 dollars. Or 10% if Price adjustment. Use percentage is selected.
  • Price adjustment. Use percentage checkbox allows for determining percentage price adjustment instead of an absolute value.
  • The Weight adjustment applied when choosing this attribute value.
  • The Cost attribute value is the cost of all components that make up this value. This may be either the purchase price if the components are bought from third-party suppliers or the combined cost of materials and manufacturing processes if the component is made in-house.
  • Whether the value Is pre-selected for a customer.
  • The Display order in an attribute list.

After filling the fields, click Save.

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Used by-products panel

In the Used by products panel, you can choose which products use this attribute:

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