Checkout Attributes

Checkout attributes represent additional order information that is gathered during the final stage of the shopping process.

Checkout attributes are displayed on the shopping cart page and enable users to select them, if required, before the checkout.

To set up or edit checkout attributes, go to Catalog → Attributes → Checkout attributes.

You can select checkout attributes and click the Delete (selected) button to delete them.

Add a new checkout attribute

To create a new checkout attribute, click Add new. The Add a new checkout attribute window will be displayed as follows:

This page is available in two modes: advanced and basic. Switch to the basic mode, which only displays the main fields, or use the advanced mode displaying all the available fields.

In the Attribute info panel, define the following information:

  • Name — the attribute name.
  • Text prompt — a question or a comment that will be displayed in the checkout area on the shopping cart page.
  • From the Control type dropdown list, select the required method for displaying the attribute value, such as Dropdown listRadio button listCheckboxesTextbox.

  • Select the Required checkbox if selecting an attribute value is required before completing the purchasing process.
  • Display order — display order number of the checkout attribute.
  • Select the Shippable product required checkbox in case this attribute should only be displayed for the product that needs to be shipped.
  • Selected Tax exempt checkbox indicates that no tax will be applied to this checkout attribute.
  • In the case a tax is applied, from the Tax category dropdown list, select the checkout attribute tax category.
  • Limited to stores enables you to limit the attribute to one or more stores.

Click Save and continue edit to proceed to the Attribute values panel (if applicable).

Add a new checkout attribute value

In the Attribute values panel, click Add a new checkout attribute value to create a new attribute value.

In the Add a new checkout attribute value window, define the following information:

  • Name — the attribute value name.

  • Price adjustment will add the entered amount to a total purchase sum in case the attribute value is selected.
  • Weight adjustment will change an order weight by the entered amount in case the attribute value is selected.
  • Select the Pre-selected checkbox to indicate the attribute value is preselected for a customer.
  • Display order — display order number of the attribute value.

You can Edit and Delete attribute values by clicking the corresponding buttons beside the attributes in the Attribute values panel.

Add a condition

In the Condition panel, a store owner can specify a condition for the checkout attribute to be visible (depending on other attributes). A conditional attribute only appears if the previous attribute is selected.

Click Save. The new attribute will be displayed on the shopping cart page in the public store.

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