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The Previous/Next plugin for Concerto Commerce allows you to browse products in the same category directly from the product page of the currently viewed product. Skip the cumbersome step of going back to the category page every time you want to continue browsing and have a more enjoyable and seamless shopping experience.

Live DEMO- see how the Previous/Next plugin would look like in your public store.

Admin DEMO - see the plugin administration.

Working with the Previous/Next plugin is as easy as configuring a few settings from the administration of the plugin. When the plugin is installed it comes preconfigured with default values for the settings.

Please read the following steps for more information on how to configure the Previous/Next plugin.


These settings could be found in almost every plugin. They are responsible for showing the plugin in your public store and enabling

  1. Enable - Enable the Concerto  Previous/Next plugin. This setting is store specific if you have multiple stores.
  2. Enable product looping - If you check this option, when you are on the last(first) product in a category the Next(Previous) button will lead you to the first(last) product in the same category.
  3. Product Title Length - Set the maximum number of characters to be displayed of the prev/next product name (in case you have too long product names).
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