Tier Prices

Tier prices are a promotional tool that allows a store owner to offer special prices when customers buy larger amounts of a particular product. This tool is typically used in wholesale, but retailers can also apply it to incentivize buyers and drive more sales.

Tier prices can be applied to a product on the product edit page. Go to Catalog → Products, select a product to which you want to add a tier price, and click Edit. Find the Tier prices panel to add a new tier


 Tier prices


You need to save the product before adding tier prices for the product page.

Adding tier prices

Click the Add new tier price button to add a new tier price. The Add new tier price window will be displayed: 

Adding tier prices

  • In the Quantity and Price fields, define the price applicable to a certain quantity of the product.
  • In the case you run several stores, from the Store dropdown list, select the one in which you plan to apply the tier prices.
  • From the Customer role dropdown list, select the customer role based on which the tier price will be defined, for example, All customers, RegisteredGuests.
  • In the Start date and End date fields, enter the period of tier prices availability. Leave these fields empty if not applicable.

Click Save. The Tier prices table will be updated with the new data.

You can now view the updated product details page in the public store:

Tier price example

When a customer adds a certain quantity of a product to their cart, the price will automatically change to reflect the discount.

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