Email Accounts

This chapter describes how to set up email accounts associated with your store: a general contact email, a sales representative email, a customer support email, and more.

To manage email accounts, go to Configuration → Email accounts. The Email accounts window displays the email accounts of the store owner, as shown below. After the email accounts are configured, the store owner can select the required email account on the message template details page as described in the Message templates chapter.

Email accounts

Add a new email account

To add a new email account, click Add new. The Add a new email account window will be displayed:

Add a new email account

Define the following email account information:

  • In the Email address field, enter the email address for all outgoing emails of your store. Example:
  • In the Email display name field, enter the displayed name for outgoing emails of your store. Example: "Your store sales department."
  • In the Host field, enter the host name of IP address of your email server.
  • In the Port field, enter the SMTP port of your email server.
  • In the User field, enter the user name of your email server.
  • In the Password field, enter the password of your email server.
  • Select the SSL checkbox to use Security Sockets Layer to encrypt the SMTP connection.
  • Select the Use default credentials checkbox to use default credentials for the connection.

Click Save. The window will be expanded as follows:

Email account - Details

In the Send email to field, enter the email address for the test email and click Send test email.

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