Newsletter Subscribers

During registration, a customer can select the Newsletter option to receive a newsletter from your store: 

Customers subscribing

Or it's possible to subscribe to a newsletter later using the form in the footer (in the Default Clean Concerto Commerce theme):

Newsletter box

The other way of filling in email subscribers is to import a list of subscribers from an external CSV file to Concerto Commerce. You can also export the list of subscribers to an external CSV file from Concerto Commerce.

To export/import newsletter subscribers, go to Promotions → Newsletter subscribers.

Newsletter subscribers

You can click Import from CSV to import subscriber lists in CSV format. Ensure that each line of the CSV file has the appropriate format: email_address, is_active, store_id (store_id parameter is optional). For example,, true. You can click Export to CSV to export the existing subscriber list.

Searching for the subscribers

On the Newsletter subscribers page, you can find certain subscribers using the following fields for search:

  • Enter the Email of the subscriber to find or leave this field empty to load all the newsletter subscribers registered in the system.
  • Specify Start date and End date when a customer subscribed.
  • From the Active dropdown list, choose between Active and Not active subscribers or load All.
  • From the Store dropdown list, choose the store.
  • From the Customer roles dropdown list, select the customer role.

Click Search.

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