During registration, a customer can select the Newsletter option to receive newsletters from your store. Or it's possible to subscribe to a newsletter later using the form in the footer or enabling the "pop-up newsletter". The other way of filling in email subscribers is to import a list of subscribers from an external CSV file to Concerto Commerce. You can also export the list of subscribers to an external CSV file from Concerto Commerce.

Use your subscriber list to create email campaigns to easily and quickly reach the target audience without additional marketing activities. Campaigns help to promote trust and loyalty to a company while also increasing sales.

There are several examples of email marketing campaigns you can use for your store: start with a welcome email that thanks for the subscription, regularly send out announcements, news regarding your company, coupons for future purchasing, and much more.


There are no campaigns available by default, so you can create them from scratch to follow your own marketing strategy.

To manage campaigns, go to Promotions → Campaigns.

Manage campaigns

Add a new email campaign

To create a new campaign, click Add new.

Add a campaign

Define the following campaign details:

  • Campaign Name.
  • Subject of the campaign.
  • Enter the Body text of the email you want to send out.
  • In Allowed message tokens, you can see the list of allowed message tokens you can use in your email campaign. You can see all of them if you click Show.
  • Enter the Planned date of sending and time.
  • From the Limited to store dropdown list, select which store's subscribers will get this email.
  • From the Limited to customer role dropdown list, select the roles of subscribers that will receive this email.

Click Save or Save and continue editing to proceed to send your campaign.

Send the campaign

After the campaign is saved, you can send it to customers. You will see the new panel at the top of the page:

Test email


Ensure you've tested the campaign before sending it out to multiple customers.

First of all, send a test email to check if everything is done properly. To do this, choose the Email account that will be used to send the campaign. 

Then enter your email address in the Send test email to the field and click Send test email.

After ensuring everything is OK, send your campaign to customers using the Send mass email button.

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