Return Requests

Return requests

The return request feature enables customers to request a return on items previously purchased. These are also known as RMA requests. This option is only available for completed orders. Return requests settings are managed in Configuration → Settings → Order settings in the Return request settings panel.

To enable return requests, select the Enable returns system checkbox. When this option is enabled, a Return item(s) button is displayed for completed orders on the order details page in the public store.

In the next sections, we will describe how the return request functionality can be used by your customers and how to manage return requests in the admin area.

Submit a return request

To submit a return request, a customer should take the following steps:

1. In the public store, go to the My account window and click Orders. The following page will be displayed: 

2. Click the Return Item(s) button beside the completed order to be returned. The Return item(s) from order # window will be displayed as shown in the following example: 

    • The Qty to return dropdown list allows selecting the number of items to be returned.
    • The Return reason dropdown list allows selecting the reason for requesting a return. For example, the wrong product ordered, wrong product received, and more.  
    • The Return action dropdown list allows selecting the required return action to take. For example, repair a product, replace a product, issue credit, and more. 
    • Use the Upload a file option if you want to attach some additional documents or pictures to your request.

    • In the Comments field, a customer can enter an optional comment for information purposes.

3. After using the return request feature, the customer can see the created return requests and their statuses on the My Account page in the public store by clicking Return requests

Manage return requests

The store owner can now manage this return request in the administration area.

To view and edit return requests, go to Sales → Return requests. All return requests will be displayed as follows: 

Click Edit beside the return request; the Edit return request details window will be displayed: 

The store administrator is allowed to:

  • View the return request ID.
  • View the Order #. Clicking the order number redirects to the associated order details page.
  • View the Customer. Clicking the customer email redirects to the associated customer details page.
  • View the Product. Clicking the product name redirects to the associated product details page.
  • Enter the Quantity of the returned product.
  • Fill the Quantity returned to stock field. It represents the number of items that should be returned to stock.
  • Select the Return request status:
    • Pending
    • Received
    • Return authorized
    • Item(s) repaired
    • Item(s) refunded
    • Request rejected
    • Cancelled
  • In the Reason for return field, edit the reason for return if necessary.
  • In the Requested action field, edit the requested action if necessary.
  • In the Customer comments field, edit the comment entered by the customer if necessary.
  • In the Staff notes field, enter an optional note for information purposes. These notes will not be displayed to a customer.
  • View the Date when the return request was submitted.

Return request settings

To define the return request settings, go to Configuration → Settings → Order settings.

This page enables multi-store configuration; it means that the same settings can be defined for all stores or differ from store to store. If you want to manage settings for a certain store, choose its name from the multi-store configuration dropdown list and select all the checkboxes needed on the left to set custom values for them.

Go to the Return request settings panel:


In this panel, you can define:

  • Enable returns system to enable your customers to submit return requests for purchased items.
  • In the Return request number mask field, specify a custom return request number if needed.
  • Number of days that the return request is available to set the number of days that the return request link will be available in the customer area.

  • Select the Allow file uploads checkbox if you want to allow uploading files (pictures, for example) when submitting a return request. This option is especially useful for customers who face some problems with their orders, such as receiving damaged items or wrong products.

Return request reasons

This panel represents a list of reasons a customer can choose from when submitting a return request. 

Click Add new to add a new request reason. The Add new return request reason window will be displayed as follows: 

Enter the return request reason Name and Display order number (1 represents the first item in the list). Click Save to save the changes.

Return request actions

A list of actions a customer can choose from when submitting a return request. Click Add new to add a new request action. The Add new return request action window will be displayed as follows: 

Enter the return request action Name and Display order number (1 represents the first item in the list).

Click Save to save the changes.

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