Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are used for the automatic renewal of consumable merchandise or subscription services. Under this section, you can view and edit those payments by ID, Customer, Cycle Length, Cycle Period, Is Active, State Date, Next Payment Date, Total Cycles, and Cycles Remaining. 

To can configure Payment Methods, please see Configuration → Payment methods. You can set the product to be recurring under your store's catalog: 

Recurring product type is usually used for subscriptions or products with installment payment plans. In case your product is recurring, select the corresponding checkbox in the Recurring product panel.


Define the following details:

  • Cycle length. It is a time period in which the recurring order can be repeated.
  • Cycle Period in DaysWeeksMonths or Years. It defines the units of the time period.
  • Total cycles is the number of times a customer will receive the recurring product.

You can define a recurring cycle for any product to enable the system to create repetitive orders automatically. In this case, whenever the payment must be made, the system will use the payment details of the initial order for the subsequent recurring orders. In addition, the original shipping charges will apply to the subsequent orders.


At least one of the active payment modules should support recurring payments.

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