Gift Cards

In Concerto Commerce, you have an opportunity to sell gift cards among other types of products. Gift cards are a good marketing tool, enabling you to reach more customers and stimulate additional purchases.

Gift cards are a highly targeted instrument as the receivers are certainly motivated to use them because it is like a personal proposal to them.

nopCommerce gift card

Add a new gift card

You can create gift card products, defining a product as a gift card by selecting the Is gift card checkbox when creating the product in the Catalog → Products → Add new → Gift card panel.

Is gift card

In this panel, you also need to specify the Gift card typeVirtual or Physical.


It is not recommended to change the gift card type in a "live" store.

Activating a gift card

After your customers complete purchases with the gift card products, you can then search and view the list of all the purchased gift cards in Sales → Gift cards.

Gift cards

To see the gift card details, click the Edit button beside it. The Edit gift card details window will be displayed:

Edit gift card

You should select the Is gift card activated checkbox to activate the gift card. Then generate the Coupon code.


To activate a gift card automatically after completing an order, go to the Configuration → Settings → Order settings page. Find the Gift cards panel and select the Activate gift cards after completing of an order checkbox. In this case, the Coupon code will be generated automatically as well. Note that this page has other settings related to gift card activation as well.

You can also define the following gift card information:

  • In Gift card type, select whether it's Virtual or Physical.
  • Beside the Order field, click View to view the order in which the gift card was purchased.
  • In the Initial value field, edit the initial value of the card if needed.
  • The Remaining amount field allows to see the remaining amount of this gift card.
  • The Is gift card activated field determines whether this gift card is activated and can be used.
  • The Coupon code field represents the gift card coupon code (used during checkout).
  • If required, edit the Recipients nameRecipient's email (if the gift card type is Virtual), Sender's name, and Sender's email (if the gift card type is Virtual) in the relevant fields.
  • Enter an optional message in the Message area.
  • Click Notify recipient. An email containing the gift card details will be sent to the recipient. This button is only relevant for virtual gift cards and not physical ones.

Usage history

In the Usage history panel, you can see the list of orders for which this gift card coupon was used. After the gift card is activated and the sender receives a coupon code, they can use it during checkout.

Gift card usage history

Using gift cards

A gift card is used in the public store by entering the serial number in the box on the shopping cart page.

Using gift card


You can disable the gift card box on the shopping cart page by clearing the Show gift card box checkbox on the Configuration → Settings → Shopping cart settings page (Common panel).

You can also allow your customers to check the gift card balance. To do this, select the Allow customers to check gift card balance checkbox on the Configuration → Settings → Shopping cart settings page (Common panel).


This feature requires CAPTCHA to be enabled because it is potentially not safe, and CAPTCHA is needed to prevent and complicate brute force. To activate CAPTCHA, go to the Configuration → Settings → General settings page and select the CAPTCHA enabled checkbox in the CAPTCHA panel.

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